Forme Design Inspiration

March 27, 2019

With the opening of our newest exclusive venue in Los Angeles, Forme, comes some cosmetic changes. We’re here to let you in on the design inspiration and planning that’s taken place since opening our venue. We’re going to dish out the inside scoop on how we’re bringing this mid-century modern structure and space to life.

One morning in January, a group of us headed to Forme (we did not have a venue name at the time) to brainstorm the direction we wanted the space to go in terms of design. Nothing immediately came to mind when we pulled up, but as we toured the space and got to talking and immersing ourselves in the history of the Los Angeles area and architecture of the venue, ideas started flowing. We landed on mid-century/California modern due to the venues large open space, gently sloped roof, and succulent landscaping reminding us of the beautiful mid-century modern houses in Palm Springs.

Once the design direction was decided, next up was the venue name. We thought of names that were mid-century modern related, Los Angeles related, wedding related, and everywhere in-between until we finally landed on the name Forme. The thought process behind the name was as follows: Mid-century modern design and art can be made up of fun, different shapes from house shapes and breeze blocks to colorful geometric paintings and prints. How could we incorporate this into the name? In French, the word “shape” or “form” translates to “forme” and so, Forme was born. You pronounce Forme, like you would “form.”

Right now, the venue is open for booking special events and weddings, but we are looking to spruce up the space to reflect our mid-century modern vision. Some of the updates we will be incorporating are the following:

A beautiful accent wall on one of the larger interior walls.

Incorporation of breeze blocks. Top left image taken by Native Events.

Transform the lower shipping container into a bar.

Install sputnik chandeliers.

Paint the side of the venue, or the garage in geometric shapes to provide a fun photo backdrop. Image taken by Native Poppy.

Paint over the interior exposed beams in black to provide contrast.

Book a tour now to see the space for yourself!